Size Guide

All of our products fit every model Apple Watch.
Simply choose your case size (38mm/40mm or 42mm/44mm), your wrist measurement, and you're set!

Sport Band for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm, S-M fits 125mm-165mm wrists
38mm/40mm, M-L fits 145mm-190mm wrists
42mm/44mm, S-M fits 130mm-170mm wrists
42mm/44mm, M-L fits 150mm-210mm wrists

Sport Band Active for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm, S-M fits 125mm-165mm wrists
38mm/40mm, M-L fits 145mm-190mm wrists
42mm/44mm, S-M fits 130mm-170mm wrists
42mm/44mm, M-L fits 150mm-210mm wrists

Solo Loop for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm, Small fits 137mm-155mm wrists
38mm/40mm, Medium fits 150mm-170mm wrists
38mm/40mm, Large fits 167mm-190mm wrists
42mm/44mm, Small fits 150mm-170mm wrists
42mm/44mm, Medium fits 168mm-190mm wrists
42mm/44mm, Large fits 185mm-210mm wrists
If your size is between two sizes, it is best to order the smaller size.
Due to the manufacturing process of our Pride Edition Solo Loop there is less "stretch" in comparison to our other Solo Loop colours.

Braided Solo Loop for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm, Small fits 130mm-145mm wrists
38mm/40mm, Medium fits 145mm-165mm wrists
38mm/40mm, Large fits 165mm-180mm wrists
42mm/44mm, Small fits 145mm-165mm wrists
42mm/44mm, Medium fits 165mm-195mm wrists
42mm/44mm, Large fits 190mm-210mm wrists
If your size is between two sizes, it is best to order the smaller size.

Sport Loop for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 125mm-200mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 140mm-220mm wrists

Sport Loop Active for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 125mm-200mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 140mm-220mm wrists

Woven Nylon for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 125mm-180mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 145mm-210mm wrists

Milanese Loop for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 130mm-230mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 135mm-255mm wrists

Link Bracelet for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 150mm-210mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 160mm-220mm wrists

Classic Leather Buckle for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 120mm-180mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 125mm-185mm wrists

Tapered Leather Buckle for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 125mm-190mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 135mm-195mm wrists

Leather Loop for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 145mm-190mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 155mm-200mm wrists

Leather Link for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 135mm-205mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 140mm-210mm wrists

Single Tour Leather for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 135mm-190mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 145mm-200mm wrists

Double Tour Leather for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 135mm-170mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 145mm-180mm wrists

Modern Buckle for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 140mm-170mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 145mm-175mm wrists

Leather Cuff for Apple Watch

38mm/40mm fits 135mm-190mm wrists
42mm/44mm fits 145mm-200mm wrists

Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple Watch

38mm (Series 1-3) fits 38mm Apple Watch Series 0, 1, 2, 3
42mm (Series 1-3) fits 42mm Apple Watch Series 0, 1, 2, 3
40mm (Series 4-5) fits 40mm Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6, SE
44mm (Series 4-5) fits 44mm Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6, SE