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September Apple Event: What we know (or think) is coming 🍏

The stage is set for Apple's highly anticipated September Event 2023. We've got the date locked in - September 12th, US time, and an early 3:00 am AEDT start for Aussie viewers on September 13th. But what's in store for us this time?
September Apple Event: What we know (or think) is coming 🍏

When is the September Apple Event?

Invites went out on August 29 confirming that the Apple September event will kick off September 12th, US time - making it 3:00am AEDT in Australia. An early one, but worth it?

What will Apple announce?

Apple's September rendezvous is usually reserved for the grand unveiling of a fresh iPhone lineup and the latest Apple Watch creations. But it's not just hardware stealing the spotlight; Apple's got its sights set on announcing release dates for these upcoming operating systems:

  • macOS 14 Sonoma
  • iOS 17
  • iPadOS 17
  • watchOS 10
  • tvOS 17

With the intel we've gathered, here's the scoop on the top contenders for the Apple September 2023 spectacle: Brace yourself, because the star of the show will undoubtedly be the all-new iPhone 15 Series. This ensemble, including the trusty core iPhone 15, the sleek iPhone 15 Plus, the power-packed Pro, and the Pro Max juggernaut, will be proudly sporting USB-C ports as the new standard.

What we know: iPhone 15

The fresh USB-C port, shrouded in mystery, appears to hold a secret trick or two. A recent leak hints at a potential verification chip, possibly linked to Apple's Made for iPhone (MFi) certification. Word has it that uncertified USB-C cables might face restrictions in charging speed and data transfer. However, there's another thrilling possibility – this enigmatic chip could pave the way for lightning-fast Thunderbolt/USB4 technology. It might even have a role to play in the rumoured supercharged 35W charging speeds of the iPhone 15. Whatever the case, Apple is clearly gunning for the throne of the fastest iPhone 15 charging and data rates.

Now, let's dive into the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. Both are slated to harness the power of Apple's A16 Bionic chip, a familiar face from the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models. With an upgraded 48MP main camera, dazzling Super Retina XDR OLED displays, and storage options maxing out at 512GB, these siblings are set to shine.

When it comes to differences, it's mostly about screen size and battery capacity. The iPhone 15 flaunts a 60Hz, 6.1-inch screen and packs a 3,877mAh battery. Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 Plus boasts a 60Hz, 6.7-inch display and houses a robust 4,912mAh battery.

Now, let's talk about Pro. The iPhone 15 Pro models are gearing up for a performance boost courtesy of Apple's A17 Bionic chip, a 3nm powerhouse. Expect not only more power but also greater efficiency, thanks to the expanded 3,650mAh and 4,852mAh battery capacities.

As for the icing on the iPhone 15 Pro cake, the Pro Max variant is rumoured to sport an upgraded telephoto lens with periscope capabilities, bidding adieu to old-school digital zoom. But that's not all – both Pro models are set to flaunt a sleek titanium casing with curved edges, offer storage options up to a whopping 1TB, and dazzle your eyes with 120Hz displays, measuring 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches. These phones are primed to deliver a next-level experience!

What we know: Apple Watch Series 9 or Ultra 2, or BOTH

The hushed whispers surrounding the Apple Watch Series 9 may leave you wondering about its forthcoming makeover. According to a recent roadmap unveiled by the renowned Bloomberg tech oracle, Mark Gurman, Apple is secretly toiling away on not one, but two Apple Watch Series 9 models slated for this year's grand reveal. These are likely the familiar 41mm and 45mm iterations, sporting both aluminium and stainless steel designs reminiscent of the classics.

As for the palette of options, the aluminium variant is rumoured to flaunt a vibrant lineup including Midnight, Starlight, Silver, (PRODUCT) RED, and Pink. Meanwhile, its stainless steel counterpart will grace wrists in three elegant shades: Gold, Graphite, and Silver.

While some elements from the Apple Watch Series 8 are set to carry over, Apple's gone under the hood to juice up the internals. Whispers suggest a more potent S9 chip is in the cards, derived from Apple's A15 Bionic lineage. Expect improved performance and battery life, perfectly syncing with the upcoming watchOS 10 debut.

Apple Watch Ultra 2

The sequel to the incredible Apple Watch Ultra, known as the Apple Watch Ultra 2, is making waves on the tech scene. It's sharing the roadmap spotlight with the Apple Watch Series 9 and is slated for a 2023 debut, igniting anticipation among Apple enthusiasts.

Although details about the second generation of Apple's smartwatch are shrouded in mystery, it's likely to follow in the footsteps of the Apple Watch Series 9, boasting the same processor upgrade for that snappy S9 chipset performance and efficiency boost we crave.

The real game-changer could come in the form of micro-LED displays, but hold your horses; that innovation is earmarked for a later date, perhaps around 2025.

However, there's more beneath the surface with the Apple Watch Ultra 2. Sneaky changes include 3D-printed titanium components that slash manufacturing costs and shed some weight. The big question remains: will these cost savings trickle down to make Apple's premium wearable a bit more budget-friendly? Only time will tell.

What else could we see?

You know how Apple loves to drop a "One more thing..." bombshell at their events. And even though Apple Park leaks more secrets than a sieve, the element of surprise is never quite extinguished. So, here's our wild card selection of what might grace the stage at Apple's September 2023 extravaganza:

A recent tip from the ever-intriguing ShrimpApplePro suggests that an iPad could be plotting to steal the limelight, quite possibly the elusive iPad Mini 7. However, not everyone is aboard the hype train. Mark Gurman over at Bloomberg's Power On newsletter seems less enthusiastic, casting doubt on any major iPad upgrades this year. The plot thickens with a tweet from Apple whisperer Ming-Chi Kuo, suggesting a potential iPad mini refresh in Q1 of 2024.

Remember the last iPad Mini that emerged from the Apple cocoon in September 2021? It boasted an A15 Bionic chip and 4GB of RAM. While our leak doesn't spill all the tea, we can safely assume an upgrade to the chipset is on the menu, with an A16 Bionic processor being the likely candidate.

Now we wait (and wonder)

Whether you're a devotee of Apple's smartphones, smartwatches, or software wizardry, September's showcase promises a little something for everyone. It's the grand finale to what's shaping up to be a monumental and triumphant 2023 for Apple. Keep your eye out for our September Event recap on the 13th. It’s right around the corner.