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Apple Watch Series 9: What we know so far

Discover what's in store for the highly anticipated Apple Watch Series 9. While smaller updates are expected this year, exciting advancements in chip technology and Bluetooth capabilities are on the horizon. Get a glimpse of future features like microLED displays and noninvasive blood glucose monitoring. Stay informed about the launch date and be ready to embrace the next generation of Apple's iconic wearable.
Apple Watch Series 9: What we know so far

Just like the highly anticipated iPhone updates, Apple enthusiasts can also look forward to the annual refresh of the Apple Watch. With September/October just around the corner, it's time to gather all the insights and rumours about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9.

Continuing the Tradition of Iterative Updates

In 2022, Apple directed its development efforts towards the Apple Watch Ultra, resulting in fewer substantial enhancements for the standard Series 8. Similar expectations are set for this year as well. Apple seems to be focusing on advancing Apple Watch technology for the larger-sized model, suggesting that the Series 9 will receive smaller updates with minimal new features for now.

Enhancements in Processing Power

While the Apple Watch Series 8 shared the same S8 chip as the Series 7, which was on par with the S6 chip in the Series 6, the Series 9 is set to introduce a new chip technology. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the Series 9 will boast an S9 chip built on the same technology as the A15 chip. This upgrade is likely to enhance the watch's speed, efficiency, battery life, and loading times.

Bluetooth Advancements

In 2023, Apple may expand the inclusion of Bluetooth 5.3 to the Apple Watch Series 9, following the introduction of this latest Bluetooth standard in the Apple Watch Ultra. Apple has been steadily upgrading its product lineup to incorporate the latest Bluetooth technology.

Battery Life Expectations

Any improvements to the processor in the Series 9 may contribute to slight enhancements in battery life, though significant changes are not anticipated. Apple could potentially utilise this efficiency boost to introduce additional features, such as extended always-on display functionality or other minor tweaks.

Consistent Feature Set

With the exception of the new chip, the Series 9 is expected to offer the same range of features as the Series 8. For a detailed overview of the Series 8's capabilities, refer to our comprehensive Apple Watch roundup.

The Future of Apple Watch Ultra

Introduced in 2022, the Apple Watch Ultra is a recent addition to the Apple Watch lineup. As of now, there are no rumours about a 2023 version, but information on a 2024 model has surfaced, hinting that Apple may wait until 2024 to introduce a refreshed version of the device.

No News on Apple Watch SE Refresh

Apple has not followed an annual refresh cycle for the Apple Watch SE in the past, and there is no indication of a 2023 update. Given that the SE was updated in 2022, it is unlikely to receive another refresh this year.

Anticipating Future Innovations

While details about the Apple Watch Series 9 are limited at this stage, Apple is expected to introduce exciting new technologies in the future. Some of these anticipated features include:

  1. MicroLED Display: By as early as 2024, Apple might adopt microLED technology for its Apple Watch lineup, utilising custom displays developed in-house, much like the company's chip designs. This technology promises brighter and more vibrant colours, along with improved viewing angles. Initially, it is likely to be featured in a high-end model, possibly the Apple Watch Ultra.
  2. Larger Display for Apple Watch Ultra: Apple is working on an upgraded version of the Apple Watch Ultra, which could come with an even larger 2.1-inch display. This update might coincide with the shift to microLED technology.
  3. Noninvasive Blood Glucose Monitoring: Apple has been diligently researching a noninvasive blood glucose monitoring function for the Apple Watch, and recent progress suggests that this concept is nearing the stage of functional viability. Although it may take a few more years to perfect, the introduction of noninvasive blood glucose monitoring will be a significant milestone for the Apple Watch.

Expected Launch Date

Apple traditionally unveils new Apple Watch models alongside the latest iPhone releases. Therefore, it is highly likely that the Apple Watch Series 9 will be announced in September, followed by a launch a week or two later.