Our COVID-19 Response & Prevention

It goes without saying that the world is in unchartered territory at the moment with so many people around the globe effected by Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Here at iStrap, we have been on the front foot since January 2020 when we upgraded our warehousing facility to triple-ensure that every team member was equipped to be safely working and passing on safe and sanitised products, packages, orders and parcels to our customers.

Our standards have not changed and we continue to have only the highest quality of standard for sanitisation. We understand that our customers have extremely close contact with our products, being on their wrists for hours at a time, hence why we have always had the strictest of health and safety measures in place.

Usually something like the below is not "thought of" when a customer buys from us, but we feel it is our responsibility to outline and explain the processes that occur to reassure our customers of their safety in buying from iStrap.

  1. Before the mould for any product is used for manufacturing, the mould is cleaned and sanitised with an instant-kill disinfectant that kills 99.99% of germs, bacteria and nasties
  2. Our silicones, nylon, stainless steel and other materials are all sanitised the same way in their bulk form before manufacturing
  3. Once our products are manufactured and assembled, they are wiped and disinfected with a mist that can get into every tight spot of the product
  4. The packaging for our products is also disinfected upon manufacturing and again once the product is placed within it
  5. When a customer places their order, our Warehouse team (who practise social distancing along with the office team) sanitise their hands before and after every order is picked and packed
  6. Once a customer's order is ready to be shipped from our Melbourne warehouse, our contact-less passing over of your order with the Australia Post delivery driver further ensures we are doing what we can to stop the spread

We hope this provides a deep understanding into our measures for our existing and new customers.

We truly hope that you and your families are all safe. Remember to stay home, practice social distancing and together, we can stop the spread.

Stay safe!
Love, iStrap.